Tires meet Turf: Pinehurst Resort to host first-ever Concours event in May

May is prime golfing season in Pinehurst as emerald green fairways emerge and temperatures creep into the 80s.

But for the first time in its rich history “tires meets turf” as Pinehurst Resort will host the inaugural Pinehurst Concours d’Elegance. More than 100 of the world’s most beautiful vehicles from some of the most celebrated collections will be on display on two golf holes adjacent to the resort clubhouse May 3-5.

“We’re excited for a lot of different reasons,” said Pinehurst Resort executive vice president Tom Pashley. “It is going to bring a different type of guest to the area, folks who aren’t necessarily golfers but who appreciate the scenery, the beauty and the history of Pinehurst. And when you combine that with vintage cars, the enthusiasts that follow these rare automobiles, it’s a unique combination.”

Pebble Beach Resort, one of America’s prestigious golf destinations, has hosted an ultra successful Concours d’Elegance, which is a French term meaning “Competition of Elegance,” for 60 years.

The official judging takes place May 5, with the cars, some valued at more than $2 million, displayed on the first holes of Courses 3 and 5.

Introductory tickets start at $40 for the Sunday competition and can be purchased online at VIP ticketing is also available on a limited basis, starting at $275 per person.

“We’re known primarily for golf, but in the past 5-8 years we realize that it can’t be just all about golf anymore,” said Village of Pinehurst Mayor Nancy Fiorillo. “We’re branching out and we’re open for business in many areas. When the idea of the Pinehurst Concours came to us we were all really thrilled that someone would look at this historic auto event and our historic golf area.”

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